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EcoShelf 5


The EcoShelf is the fastest, most cost-effective and straightforward way to launch a zero-waste section in your store. Your customers will be able to purchase products in bulk without wasteful plastic packaging. The gravity dispensers will keep your pasta, grains, pulses, cereals, nuts, coffee and other dried foods of your choice fresh whilst looking great. Simply pull the handle and the product will flow out of the spout into a container or bag.

– Portable design
– Eliminates wasteful packaging
– Reduces food waste as customers buy what they need
– Builds customer loyalty – better value for money
– Hygienic – keeps the product fresh
– First-in-first-out stock rotation
– Adjustable flow control setting
– BPA free, highly durable polycarbonate
– Easy to use and easy to clean
– Birch plywood (FSC rated) shelf
– Hassle-free assembly
– 2-year warranty
– Size of shelf (without gravity bins) 46cm Deep x 55cm Wide x 60cm High
– Total height (with dispensers) shown below when you select the appropriate size
Available with 6L, 10L or 13L gravity bins.

Contact us today for more details – this is a very straightforward way to get your zero-waste display launched with minimal fuss in small footprint and your customers will love it.
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Dimensions 46 × 55 × 97 cm
Size of Gravity Bin

6L Gravity Bins, 10L Gravity Bins, 13L Gravity Bins