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XeroPremium 2


The XeroPremium range is available in six different styles and a number of combinations – so there will be the perfect option to complement your store. This sophisticated unit features two tiers of XeroFlo gravity bins (with built-in catch trays) and a storage cupboard.
– Top tier – 10no. 12L XeroFlo OR 6no. 21L XeroFlo
– Middle tier – 10no. 8L XeroFlo OR 6no. 14L XeroFlo
– Bottom tier – Storage cupboard
Manufactured by Martek in the UK out of sustainably sourced FSC grade wood birch plywood in our popular rustic oak finish.
The XeroPremium 2 unit measures 65cm Deep x 107cm Wide x 229cm High and if you have space, two, three or several side by side would look great!
– Leasing options available
– The unit arrives assembled (please ensure you have enough clearance to get it into your store)
– Delivery costs will be covered by us for this item (mainland UK only)
Contact us today for more details – this is a very straightforward way to get your zero-waste display launched with minimal fuss, in small footprint, whilst looking great – your customers will love it.
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Dimensions 65 × 107 × 229 cm
Top Tier

10no. 12L XeroFlo Gravity Dispensers, 6no. 21L XeroFlo Gravity Dispensers

2nd Tier

10no. 8L XeroFlo Gravity Dispensers, 6no. 14L XeroFlo Gravity Dispensers