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XeroScoop – Scoop Bins


The most modern and ergonomic scoop bin on the market: The fully recyclable XeroScoop is available in two capacities of 8L and 11L. With a width of just 15cm, you can now fit more products in your dedicated scoop space. This bin is 100% transparent and features a curved bottom to increase visibility and easy-grip of products. Perfect for hard-to-flow products and powders, it features an automatic hinge lid closing system that guarantees product freshness. The XercoScoop comes with a scoop, tether and label holder. The XeroScoop is compatible with both a wall bar fitted slide system and many types of shelving and is perfectly aligned with the 15cm XeroFlow dispensers to create an aesthetic display.
– BPA Free
– 8L & 11L capacity
– Unique design
– 15cm width
– Competitively priced
– Available from stock within two working days (mainland UK)
– All-in-one easy clean body
– Parts available
– Durable
– Fully recyclable
– Eco-friendly
– Easy to use
– No waste
– Martek Zero Waste is proudly working with ISD, who manufacture this range in France.
Prices exclude VAT


Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 33 cm

8L XeroScoop Scoop Bin, 11L XeroScoop Scoop Bin